How to promote your music on soundcloud in the year 2022?

How to promote music on SoundCloud in 2022


Channels for promoting SoundCloud.

Soundcloud promotion channels are the same as YouTube promotion channels because they already have an audience. All you have to do is send them your music, and if they like it, they’ll put it on this site or even repost it.

Followers of the Same Size

The main idea behind this is that if you have a thousand SoundCloud followers, you should look for profiles and producers who also have a thousand followers or a number close to that. They talk back and forth with their music by leaving comments. By doing this, it helps you build a small community of people who support each other’s music on Soundcloud.

Use Tags

You can use tags to let people know when you add a track to Soundcloud if they don’t already know. This makes it easy for people to find your music by tagging it to a certain genre or style.

Find Who Likes You

This is good advice for the long run. For this method to work, you need to find people who like other people’s music. You should really get into other people’s music by leaving nice, long comments. When you work with new artists and producers, you get a lot out of it.

Get Gates here.

When you listen to someone’s music and think it’s great, you’ll want to download it from Soundcloud. But there’s a gate in the way, and you have to follow the rules to get past it.


This is a fairly new way for you to get good results with your music. This is about making a new playlist from just one song every day. If you have a song that sounds like it was made a while ago, it’s possible that shout-cut bowlers haven’t heard you before. You need to promote the track on your SoundCloud feed so that new followers will listen to it.

Explore More Features

Even though you can use many of the features in a paid SoundCloud account, you can find many more ways to share your music there.

Remix Contest

Check out the SoundCloud tips on how to host a remix competition for more information.

Just make it easier for bloggers and reporters to reach you.

Just give bloggers and journalists access to your music, and they will be able to stream and download it.

Let people download songs for free.

Let people download your best songs for free if you think they are good. It helps you get your songs heard by a lot of people.


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How they get the word out about Soundcloud

– tells who the message is for.

– Is a member of various music blogs, channels, communities, and music pages where you can share your music.

– Use mail list.

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